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There’s no telling how scammers use their tricks to fool people. They market themselves by using someone else’s face. And as the relationship progresses, they appear to be a victim by something in their lives that goes awry or an emergency will occur and will need assistance in some manner by preying on a weakness that you may have revealed unknowingly or by you feeling the need to assist someone that needs help.

Luckily, Beverly Koribanic has the answer.

Having been scammed herself, she knows what it’s like to get ripped off. Wow! Scammed or Not Scammed! details her experiences and shares her knowledge to make potential victims aware of possible scenarios.

Evade scammers’ raids by taking Beverly’s valuable advice.

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About the Author

Beverly Koribanic has worked for several major companies in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her jobs included being a programmer, project leader, and analyst. She is currently a Realtor. Her professional background has helped her learn much about interactions during business transactions.

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Beverly Koribanic's Interview with Benji Cole, Son of Al Cole from CBS Radio

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